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Dan & Kathy have been used in The Lord's ministry for 20 years now. Dan is a strong man of God, a wonderful husband and father. Dan has amazing gifts of evangelism, teaching, and pastoring the sheep as led of The Lord. Dan grew up in a household with a big "merged" family, when as a little boy, his mom re-married and he and his brother became the youngest of 6 children. After a very rough life, The Lord brought Dan through a lot of heart healing and deliverance that he needed to help him grow into the mighty man of God he is today. He shares his countless beautiful testimonies whenever The Lord leads!

Kathy is also a strong woman of God, and a loving wife & mother. In 2000, The Lord delivered Kathy of a life of Magisterium Roman Catholocism, for the FREEDOM of living in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Lord gave her the gift of healing & deliverance. However, it has taken - literally - the entire 20 years...lots of trials, experience ministering to others, and many, many sessions with The Lord in her own life of cleaning up layers of "baggage" from her past, in order to step into this amazing new level He is bringing us all into!! All glory to the God Almighty!!  


Back in about 2013, The Lord had given Dan a name for their ministry "Grafted In".  They knew He wanted them to do youtube videos, but they weren't sure how that was going to work. So they just went by faith, started a youtube channel in about 2014, and started doing weekly church services for whoever The Lord would lead to listen. They realize now that was just a little training for the MIGHTY amazing and supernatural work that The Father would soon begin, which would open up their gifts like never before!! And we are all SO excited to be part of the amazing new move of The Lord!!

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The Spiritual gift of Administration is a special God-given ability to plan, organize tasks, and follow through or to steer a ship (ministry, task, organization.) People with this gift ensure the success of a project by clarifying goals and helping others work together


                 MINISTRY DIRECTOR

       Administration Ministry Coordinator

              Prophetic Ministry/Dreams

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Susan has been with the team for about 15 months now and is a very important part of this ministry! She has such great gifts in administration and she is always there to help! And she has been given many amazing dreams from The Lord that are more puzzle pieces to fit right into everything The Lord has been showing us for some time now! Her sweet personality and excitement for Jesus and His call her life truly encourages everyone on the team!! You are truly a blessing my dear!!🙂


Assistant Ministry Director

Evangelism Ministry

Prophetic Dreams Ministry


Jennifer had followed this ministry for quite some time, and about a year ago became part of this team! :) She helps in so many ways, through encouragement, working hard to post anything The Lord leads her to share on our We Are In The End Times Page, as well as the Team Jesus Chat well as posting amazing scripture from The Word of God to build up and encourage the children of God! It is a true joy to have Jennifer on the team! Welcome Jennifer!! 

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Everyone on the team is used in the gifts of the prophetic ministry, but the team members below

walk very powerfully through the Holy Spirit in this ministry. If anyone has a dream, vision, or word from The Lord they'd like to share, please submit them to and we will share them with the team for prophetic prayer to pray and seek confirmation. :) 


The Evangelist is the HEART of every ministry of Jesus Christ! Bringing the sheep into The Fold is the most important ministry that Jesus gave us! John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whoever shall believe on Him shall NOT perish, but have everlasting Life." Glory to God & Hallelujah!! 

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Evangelism Ministry

Prophetic Ministry

Evangelism Ministry

Prophetic Dreams Ministry

Gift Of Discernment

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           Evangelism Ministry

           & Prophetic Ministry 

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Andrew & Kathy have been friends for 28 years now. But back at the beginning of February 2019, soon after The Lord began this new work with the ministry, Andrew called Kathy one day out of the blue to check in. He'd seen some of our videos and I jumped right in telling him everything! The Holy Spirit began to grow Andrew and he has been given dreams, visions, and words to edify the body of Christ. He has since become so strong in The Holy Spirit, and is functioning powerfully in the gifts! He is an AMAZING intercessor and a very cherished part of Team Jesus!!

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Marty is a very good friend of Dan and Kathy and brother in The Lord. He has been a local friend for  years now and he has always had a wonderful evangelical and prophetic call on his life. The Lord uses him to help bring people to Jesus, and He speaks word of wisdom and prophetic words that truly edify and encourage the body of Christ. Welcome Marty! So happy to have you on the team!!

Brother Luke has been with the ministry since January of 2020, and he is one of the family, and like a "fixture" on the team. He has a heart for Jesus, and The Lord gives him some heavy prophetic dreams that we share with everyone on our livestreams, and we are all thankful to Jesus for bringing him to us! We love ya & God bless you brother!!



Watchman Ministry

Evangelism Ministry

Prophetic Ministry

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We have followed Jeannie's Youtube Channel for probably 8 years now, and in the last 8 months or so, The Lord has connected us, and now Jeannie is officially a member of the team!! Glory to God!! Her videos are right in line with ours, and she totally understands Transfiguration - Tranformation and can't wait til head outside of time to get ready to be sent out into the Harvest! Glory to God!! We are beyond excited to welcome her to the ministry, and we look forward to all the new and amazing things The Lord will bring in through her!! AMEN!!   PLEASE SEE LINK BELOW :)

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We are SO BLESSED to welcome our wonderful & sweet sister, Allyson!! She had been a subscriber for a long time, and The Lord recently connected us through ministry, and we all knew she was such a beautiful fit to join this amazing move of God with us!! She is very versed in The Word of God and soaks it in like a sponge as she studies it with The Lord! She not only has a beautiful gift of Biblical dream interpretation, but He always leads her to share scriptures with us at just that perfect moment to confirm what He's showing us!! Even she doesn't realize how huge the call is on her life!! Welcome Allyson! We love you!!! 

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