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Hi Everybody!

So we have this really amazing dream that "our sister" from Servant of Elohim had on 8/11/2022. After some extensive prayer and discussing it back and forth with the team, we believe we've come to an interpretation from the Lord.

Tricia on the team actually connected this dream to Servant of Elohim's other dream about the birthing center. We believe the birthing center from that dream is connected with the white room - the white room/space where the dream started out.

If anyone has watched our channel for a while, you may know that a year or two ago, the Lord revealed to me that just as Jesus resurrected from the tomb, the first fruits Rachel bride will also resurrect ("before" transfiguration) out of their bodies of death, into their new perfected resurrected bodies, just like Jesus did. When Jesus met Mary on the road after His Resurrection, she wanted to go hug Him, but He said "No, don't touch me, I have not ascended to My Father yet" (John 20:17). The reason He was saying that is because nothing could defile Him before He went outside of time to be with the Father. So much of what Jesus went through were types and shadows of what will happen with the First Fruits Rachel bride.

What the Lord revealed to me was that when He first calls us and says "come it's time" (as He spoke to me in my own visions), we will step into our resurrected, born again, spotless and blameless, spirit, soul and body (1 Thess 5:23)...The Father will complete our sanctification, and then we will be ready to go outside of time to be transfigured into our glorified bodies. The reason for this of course is that no one is able to skip physical death and go outside of time unless they have been fully and completely sanctified spirit, soul, and body, so they are spotless and blameless. Just as the Father removed one of the ribs "out of the body of Adam", and created and prepared Eve, and presented her to Adam as his bride...when He calls the remnant,,, First Fruits bride... "out of the body of Christ"...and through our process of resurrection & the completion of our sanctification, The Father will prepare us to be presented to his Son Jesus Christ as His bride! Hallelujah & Glory to God!

This understanding needed to be explained before I can go into how the Lord gave us a much more detailed revelation of exactly what is happening during the process of resurrection and the completion of our sanctification.

At the beginning of our sister at Servant of Elohim's dream, she explains that she was in this white place, as if it was a type of room, and this is where Tricia connected the two dreams. We believe that both the birthing room and this white room or space is referring to the same place. The reason it is a "birthing room", is because the Father also revealed to me a couple of years ago that the true, full meaning of "born again" is not what everyone thinks. "Born again' is the description of a completely, fully matured, and sanctified child of God. It is the scripture below that actually describes the completion of the sanctification process exactly as we are about to explain to you in relation to these amazing dreams! Jesus was actually referring to right now, at the end, when He comes again! Glory to God!

John 3: 3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” 4 Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” 5 Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. 6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.7 Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’8 The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

That is actually what the term born-again refers to. This is why she was in this white space... White representing sanctification... And the room representing the birthing room... Because The Father was about to complete each person's sanctification, and they will become "born again", and ready to head outside of time to transfigure into our glorified bodies. It never ceases to amaze me how much more amazing it gets with every detail The Father reveals!

So in our sisters dream, the first thing she notices is that everyone there was wearing these pearls, or at least had pearls in their hands. So I believe the Lord revealed to us that, to begin with, no one is there unless they are in the called out First Fruits Rachel bride. However, the pearls confirmed this as well. Because the First Fruits are the pearl of great price in Matthew 13:45-46. Jesus represents the merchant seeking beautiful pearls. Where do we find pearls? There are very rare, hidden in random...yet not random oyster shells in the bottom of the ocean. I will illustrate this through another open vision I had. I was having a conversation with the Father when he asked me, "Why do you think I created everything"? And I said, "Father you're asking me? I don't know?" He said..."I created it all to find my Son a bride." (He then proceeded to show me visions of Creation) So you see the Merchant/Jesus is seeking His bride. Those pearls represent His bride that are scattered among the body of Christ. He was "only" seeking those who allowed God to create in them a clean heart, who allowed Him to circumcise their heart, who received the heart healing and deliverance they needed, who followed the Lamb wherever He goes, and their hearts 100% fully belong to Him. These are the "pearls of great price"...His bride. So everyone in that room was of the first fruits Rachel bride.

So having that understanding, and knowing that everyone there is in the bride, we can then begin to understand the rest of the dream. In one part, our sister saw herself holding old worn-out rusty jewelry, and she wondered why she was still holding it because she'd given up jewelry a while back through her walk with the Lord. But the jewelry wasn't representing when she used to wear jewelry. It was actually a representation of the specific things in her life that the Lord needed her to release so that He could continue the completion of her sanctification process to make her spotless and blameless, and prepared to walk outside of time. Then it switches to where she was seeing a couple of other girls who were also contemplating some things. One of the girls had some pride she was dealing with, and the other girl seemed to have some things from her past that she needed to let go of.

Then there is the moment when our sister sees this old jewelry, when she chooses to simply release them and drop them because she wants nothing to prevent her from going to see Jesus. And she realizes when she looks down that they were gone. That was because all she needed to do is release it, and then the Father was ready to complete her sanctification so that she would be ready to walk outside of time to see Him.

Our sister does not see the other two girls and how they worked out their issues between them and God. However I believe the Lord gave us revelation, that was their own sanctification with The Lord. You're probably wondering why the Father waited to reveal these things to them until that moment. Because they had time while they were still walking in their corruptible bodies to be able to deal with that, right? Here's what the Father showed me. Through this dream, He showed me that once He calls us out, we will go to this place just as our sister saw, it will absolutely be in the twinkling of an eye, however the Father wanted us to go in very slow motion so that we would be able to see exactly what happens within that twinkling of an eye. He explained to me that this was when we would be resurrected into our perfect bodies...which is represented/illustrated when our sister sees herself super thin, and her clothes were much too big on her.

After seeking the Lord on this, and wanting to really understand how all of it confirms everything He's shown us, He explained that when we resurrect, and we stand in our perfected bodies before Him, He will take a moment with each of us. He explained that each member of His Bride will have their "moment with The Lord". During this moment, He well very gently and lovingly review whatever might be left that we will need to release to Him, so that He can complete the process of sanctification in each of us, so that we can walk outside of time to be transfigured into our glorified bodies.

I thought that was so interesting! And so in discussing it with the team, we were all just trying to process and understand what he was showing us. Jeannie on our team was trying to understand, and she was letting us know that when the Lord gave her the revelation of first fruits, he showed her that it would be in the twinkling of an eye and she would be changed and ready to go. And we discussed that, and we've all been just kind of trying to understand it all. And the Lord completely confirmed everything so simply, and so amazingly. I was thinking about that scripture, "in the twinkling of an eye". And he led me to look up some words in Strong's Concordance. The two words he had me look up were the word for "eye"...and the word for "twinkling". Here are the pictures below...

As you can see, the most beautiful confirmation, and as usual it "knocked my socks off"! So the word for "eye" in that scripture is the "mind's eye", which is, as many of you know, the pineal gland (and many who have followed our channel for a long time understand that there's no new agey stuff involved in this at all, the pineal gland is simply representative of the Holy of Holies within our Temple, it's where our communication happens with the Lord. If you would like more explanation on that, please email us, but I don't have the time to explain it here.) But as well, the other word for "twinkling" gives us a whole new understanding, and a whole new beautiful perspective! So it says any rapid movement, the twinkling of the lights of the eyes, but it also says a twinkle or flash of the eye. In this case it is the mind's eye. And if you read further down you will see that it also says "a moment of time"...WOW!!! GLORY TO GOD!! This is a direct confirmation to the word the Lord just revealed to me that when we we are in our resurrected bodies, we will each have our own "MOMENT WITH THE LORD"!!! HALLELUJAH!! So He even confirmed in Scripture, the entire process is happening within that twinkling of an eye, and its directly confirming what he was just explaining! He never ceases to amaze me!! Glory to God!

Ok, and so...after further clarification with our sister through email, she said that she didn't see or notice anyone else with clothes that were too big, and she could not really confirm or deny whether the two girls have the pearls because that was not where her focus needed to be. This was her own "Moment with The Lord". And even though she was shown that there was other people going through similar things for the sake of revealing some new details, she was meant to focus on what was happening between herself in the Lord.


Okay so if all of that wasn't amazing enough, the Lord also gave our sister Jennifer on the team 2 dreams last night, and the interpretation was so over-the-top we were utterly amazed! When we first read it, the team began to interpret it in a particular way, but I could feel that the Lord wanted us to go in a bit of a different direction.

I began to do a few searches, and after all was said and done, we realized that her dreams were basically saying exactly the same message that our sister at Servants of Elohim's dream had, and we were so amazed!

Jennifer's 1st Dream:


"I dreamed I was in a large wooden bed with my daughter (she is grown with her own children now). I understood that my son was staying the night with my mother and father. My daughter was about 2 or 3 years old in the dream. It was storming and I peeked behind a curtain through some windows which were behind the bed. The wind was blowing, The lightning flashed and I could see grass and stuff flying by the window. I get my daughter and put her in front of a "dome-shaped camping tent" (WAS IT IN THE HOUSE?) which had the flap open. She crawls in and I go and get her blanket and a object she was holding in the bed. I think a doll or a bear. I go back to get my blanket and go to get in the tent and I wake up."

Jennifer's 2nd Dream:


"In this dream I was wearing pearl jewelry of different shades. I look at my hand and it is a branch, and the fingers are off shoots of the branch. I see there are lichen scattered on different areas of the hand."


Both of these dreams are so amazing! The second one in particular I know probably floored our sister at servant of Elohim! So amazing to have an exact confirmation of the pearls! Wow! But also, on the second dream, Jennifer had never heard of the word "lichen", but that is what she heard in her dream, So of course she relayed it that way.

The team did a little research, Jennifer had looked a few things up on the internet, and we began to get a little bit of a picture. But like I said it was going in a direction that I new the Lord was switching up a little bit.

The Lord had me do a search on lichen being on branches. And here's what I found.

And then I found..."So while lichen will in no way harm your tree, its presence made points to an unhealthy or dying tree (caused by other reasons, such as pests, diseases, or improper watering practices)." --- AND this actually REPRESENTS - THE DEATH OF THE CORRUPTIBLE FLESH at the completion of the sanctification process!! You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried!! AMAZING!!

And once I realized this, my excitement went to the roof! I told everybody how excited I was because Jennifer's dream even had the pearls! In fact she said in the dream that the pearls were different shades, and our sister at servant of Elohim saw that they were different sizes! And what the Lord showed me is the difference in size and shade is because all of us have different testimonies, and different things we've been through! Absolutely amazing!

And while talking about the tent that Jennifer put her daughter in and went in herself during the storm, a couple of the girls on the team knew right away that was representing a tabernacle, which of course is a tent. And Tricia had even looked up and found that there are some who say that the tent for the original temple in Exodus was actually supposed to be dome-shaped!! I will put the video below and leave that up to you to pray on and discern in your own time. But we just thought that was so exciting in lieu of Jennifer's dream!

SIDE NOTE: Susan on our team ALSO had a dream about her and her family in a "dome-shaped" tent this week!! AMAZING!!!!!

So while talking about the Tabernacle, the Lord pointed out several other things That tie all of this together in such a beautiful picture! Something The Lord was bringing to my attention - while looking for the connection to the temple/tabernacle, The Lord led me to look up Exodus 33:18-23. Verse 20 talks about "man" cant see God. I looked it up and it says "man/mankind" #120 Hebrew Strongs - which is the word "Adam". So I believe He is saying "while we are still in this corruptible flesh - we cannot see Him face to face. Which is of course because of ADAM and Eve's sin - that was part of the punishment.

Now, of course in resurrection He will complete our sanctification so that we may be GLORIFIED and SEE HIM FACE TO FACE. AMEN!

Then, this was a clippit from something I was reading on line that continued this AMAZING revelation: "God’s glory and holiness are intertwined since they both characterize his being; God’s glory is of a whole other realm. God placed Moses in the cleft of a rock and covered him with his hand so that Moses was protected from the full-on holy glory. If God’s holiness requires a degree of separation even for Moses, how much more does that which is contrary to God need to be removed from His presence! Just as God graciously used the stone cleft as a protective buffer for Moses, the temple/tabernacle and the priesthood would be a protective buffer that allowed a sin stained people to still experience a holy God. The tabernacle and temple were set up in a similar way. The closer one came to the holy presence of God, the more degrees of separation existed. These degrees of separation consisted of both physical and priestly barriers. They were concrete reminders of God’s holy “otherness”."

Now I (Kathy) will let you read directly from our messenger when The Holy Spirit revealed the understanding to me!! Glory to God!

And just so you understand what I meant by decalcification...what God showed me is this. Like I always say, many of you who have watched our channel for a long time understand that the Lord gave us the Revelation through another sister, and then confirmed in us on the team, that in the garden, when Adam and Eve sinned, of course we know part of the consequence of that sin was that we would not be able to communicate with God like we did before. The Lord reveals what that means is, God himself partially calcified the pineal gland to prevent communication like Adam and Eve had with him. We would have to pray and seek him in order to really have the communication that we want to have with him. But this is about to come to an end, Hallelujah! The decalcification of the pineal gland will occur, but only by God himself, because that will be the rest of the sanctification process and its completion. We will then have perfect communication with God, we will be able to use our whole brain, and we will be perfect, spirit, soul, and body. And of course we will be ready to step outside of time to transfigure into our glorified bodies! Hallelujah and glory to God!



Again, I want to stress and clarify in every way, this has nothing to do with new age, or witchcraft, or any of the other garbage that the world has used to pervert God's truths. The Enemy knows the truth, the enemy knows exactly how it works, so he's done everything he can to pervert every part of it. And what does the enemy want? He wants the throne to each person! He wants them to choose him instead of God. Cuz he's a dirtbag and he wants to be like God. Which is where the mark of the beast comes in, of course, anytime someone takes the first shot of the CV vax, they have taken the mark of the beast, The Holy Spirit has left them, the DNA has been changed forever, satan steps right into his dirtbag throne inside that person, God no longer recognizes them as His creation, they are no longer human, they are hybrids, and, yes, they will be going to the lake of fire forever.

We are not here to make you believe anything, in fact you should take every single word that we tell you into prayer with the father for confirmation in your own heart, and through the word of God. And if you have any questions or concerns please send us an email at, and we will be happy to address any issues As the Lord leads.

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