11/14/22 I woke up from a dream around two something the other day. In the dream, I was with my daughter's grandma and we were driving on a straight road. She said we should stop for gas on the right hand side. I looked to the left and the sky was dark and there were many funnel clouds as if it were a tornado coming. I said to my daughter's grandmother "There’s no time it starting to tornado!" She floored the gas trying to escape this tornado. I look to my left and see an airplane falling it was huge. At first it was at the sky line then it fell. Must have been a 757. Then I am out of the car and it’s raining and I scream "The time to repent is now!! JESUS CHRIST is coming!! Those who have an ear let them hear!!" I fell to my knees and started crying I also said "This is God's Judgement coming!" I was so heart broken because my daughter's grandma didn’t understand. When I woke up it was very intense. And, I wanted to add, I have had 4 dreams about New York City, and I believe this dream was related. As well, when I saw the plane falling, and began to scream those warnings to 'REPENT", I knew in that moment if I did not scream as loud as possible, the BLOOD WOULD BE ON MY HANDS!!

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